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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Weekly Report 4

Ben Robinson
Weekly Report #4
"Participating in the Worship Band"

For my practicum I participated in singing and playing guitar for the musical portion of the service. Last year I often led the hymns at the church where I preached but it was different participating in the same way yet not being in charge of the service. I was able to choose what songs I wanted to play and when to play them. That couldn’t happen this time. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the time I had.

One of the most difficult parts of the experience was making sure that we were playing together. I am used to playing some songs certain ways and others are used to playing the same songs in entirely different ways. Therefore, we had to resolve some melodical issues before we could proceed. I also find that my voice does not necessarily have very good ranger. That was not a problem when I was in charge and could determine what key we would play the songs in, but this was a different story. I quickly saw that song is not my area of most giftedness but I am thankful for the small ability that has been given to me. Overall things went well and it felt good to be participating in this way again.

I suppose I am still struggling with what to do with the lyrical content of the music we sing. I do not think that the praise and worship movement is musically inferior but I think there has to be a way in which to compose theologically rich songs with contemporary guitar riffs. However, we cannot just sit down and hammer out an entire new compilation of praise choruses so if this is going to happen it will have to happen communally. There needs to be a united effort to bring this to actuality. I believe it can be done and I believe that as our generation gets tired of the theologically bankrupt songs that we sing, the necessity for this type of activity will be pushed to the forefront. Why not push it now? I’m ready, anyone else on board?

Putting aside my soapbox for a moment I would like to note that I learned some humility this week. The reality is that there are some areas where I am not gifted and I am glad for the people who are to fulfill those roles. It’s not easy, so I won’t pretend it is.


Blogger Martin A. Furrow Jr. said...

I agree with you Ben that we should know others in our church. When I did my greeting practicum, I saw that I didn't recognize many that are coming in and it upset me. I'm trying better to get to know others at my church that I don't know.

9:47 AM  

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