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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Weekly Report 5

Ben Robinson
Weekly Report #5

I had a great experience this past weekend. On Sunday morning I was a greeter at College Wesleyan Church. It was by no means a difficult task but it was meaningful. I’ll admit that at times I did get tired of saying, "Good morning!" And I also got a paper cut from handing out the bulletins as the congregation arrived. But in general I truly enjoyed it. As I would greet the morning crowd they would smile and usher quick thanks my way for simply being there. So I smiled, said hello, shook hands, and handed them sheets of paper that would allow them to better understand College Wesleyan and the activities surrounding the church. Eventually I began to realize that I recognized very few faces. I am not deeply entrenched in College Wesleyan and therefore I was not surprised by this but it did cause me to reflect upon a comment Brennan had made when he was greeting.

Brennan mentioned that he was surprised to see many faces that he did not recognize, even in his small church! I feel that a congregation should be exactly that: a congregation. In other words a congregation knows one another and is involved in the lives of one another. Certainly not everyone can be involved in the lives of each person within that church, but there is a necessity for community in churches. It is too easy to succumb to lone-ranger Christianity in which a person rushes into church slightly tardy with the kids and then whisks his/her way out without saying much more than a brief hello to another congregant.

The truth is that there is no such thing as lone-ranger Christianity. Well, there is, but it quickly fades away. I don’t see it plausible for a person to be a Christian without the Church. Dr. Drury wrote of this as an attempt to "behead" Christ. We can’t have Jesus without the Church (the Church universal that is, catholic, holy, apostolic). It is within the Church as a Body, as a community, that God has chosen primarily to work. The Church practices the sacraments, which are a means of grace whereby God transforms and molds us. St. Cyprian went as far as to say, "If one does not have the Church as his mother, he cannot have God as his Father."

All this to say that I feel as if there must be a way in which we can encourage a greater depth of community within our congregations. I want to recognize faces, and I want to know that the people I am greeting recognize me too. This week I learned that greeting is not a difficult task, but it is meaningful and is a great way to immediately communicate to a person entering the church that we care.


Blogger Brennan said...

I am glad that you had a good experience handing out bullitins and greeting all the lovely faces on sunday morning. I can share the experience of getting a paper cut and also getting a little tired of smiling.
I really enjoyed your point about you cannot live as a Christian with the church. Being "beheaded" as drury would say. So many Christians out there try and say that they do not need the church body and that they can have the same experience in their room with God as they can in the church. I would argue that you need that atmosphere on sunday morning to truly feel the Spirit in your presence and I am not saying that you cannot find that in the privacy of your own room, but the chances of having it at a church setting is much better for you. Plus church is a time of dedication to God, yet it is for you, but remember that truly it is for God. You are there to be re-energized for the week!!
All in all Ben it sounds like it was a very good experience and i appreciate the insight that you gave from it. God Bless bro

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