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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Weekly Report 6

Ben Robinson
Weekly Report #6
"Scripture Reading"

For my practicum I helped Dr. Schenck by reading scripture in the Cathedral service. The Cathedral service is a liturgical service held in College Wesleyan’s chapel during the 9:00 service time. I read an Old Testament passage, a New Testament epistle, and a Gospel reading. Considering my great love for liturgy this practicum was one which I enjoyed quite a bit.

I have begun to listen more carefully to the manner in which we read Scripture during a service. The reality is that the way Scripture is presented does determine in the part the receptivity of the congregation. Therefore, I attempted to read Scripture similar to the manner in which we had been taught in class. I made sure to emphasize different parts and to know where I was headed in the text. I enjoy reading the text in a service and felt that overall it went quite well. I was not nervous and because the service is liturgical I knew right when I would be reading.

While Scripture is a means of grace I believe that we at times hinder the reception of grace when we do not adequately approach the text. Scripture reading is not a small task and should be treated with reverence and awe. The power within the Scripture is not to be mishandled and is no to be underestimated. We should not flippantly approach the text and should always view the reading of Scripture as crucial to a service.

From this experience I learned that people appreciate the reading of Scripture in our services and that the manner in which a reader presents the Scriptures does determine in part the response from the congregation.


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