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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Weekly Report 7

Ben Robinson
Weekly Report #7
11-13-05 through 11-19-05
"Video Camera"

I had the privilege of operating the video camera during both services this past Sunday. Basically, I showed up knowing absolutely nothing about how to run a camera but did it anyway. It’s really not that hard, but nonetheless I was clueless about the technical aspects.

Initially there was a problem with the video feed. Someone had unplugged an important cord and therefore the video camera was not being fed to the various venues operating at College Wesleyan. Unfortunately the techies were not there this past Sunday and so we had to fool around trying to figure out how to get the camera to work. We successfully connected the video feed but then were not receiving any audio. Eventually that was solved as well and I was off and running taping the service.

Another glitch occurred when I realized how hard the camera was turning. The camera pivots on a stand but it was now turning very smoothly and so every time I moved the camera it would stick and create a jumpy motion for the audience viewing in the various venues. Eventually someone came and showed me how to “unlock” the pivot portion so that the camera moved smoothly. Like I said, not only do I not have any technical knowledge about these things but also no one really showed me what I was doing when I first arrived. So I was flying by the seat of my pants.

The second service went much more smooth and I was able to video tape without many problems. One of the things that concerned me was how dependent we are on technology in many of our church services. If the tech fails, the service is in trouble. In fact, if the tech fails in College Wesleyan the other venues will receive no sermon at all. Can we really put that much trust in our technology? Technology can certainly aid us in our ministry endeavors but I am wary of when it becomes the foundation upon which our services rest. A service should be able to function with or without the technology.

I did learn that if you are going to be as dependent on technology as College Wesleyan is you had better make sure you have people around who understand that technology. We had no one, and we struggled to prepare things in time for the service. If you like technology have plenty of techies.


Blogger Will Shelor said...

Hey Ben!
On one hand, I agree- we are way too dependent on technology.
However, on the other hand, we must remember- there are 2 or 3 overflow rooms at College Wesleyan that would be having serious issues if not for the technology. Though at times it can be a bit frustrating, it is because of it that expanding the ministry easily and efficiently is possible- it just takes a bit of stress at the unfortunately unavoidable breakdown times.

1:40 AM  

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